What is Detour 239?

Detour 239 is about “Taking the Detour” to abundant living in a relationship with God. This is not the well traveled path that leads to mediocrity, but “The Narrow Way” that leads to life described by Jesus in many parables.

Detour 239 is about following this path with your whole life and making your relationships with God, yourself and others the priority.

“Taking the Detour” is building your life each day with God’s wisdom, and not settling for less than your best life.

Taking the Detour is the real Adventure, not the boring or sterile religion many associate with many of the modern day churches in Western Culture.

Detour 239 is focused on restoring authentic and informal Christian fellowship at a time it is most needed.

Detour 239 is reimagining what Church could be in the post-2020 era, and connecting back to the roots of what the Early Church was like – described in the Book of Acts. These were often small groups gathering in home-like settings, where they prayed, shared their concerns and strengthened each other through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Detour 239 might seem like a new and radical idea, yet it is built on timeless wisdom from God and getting back to basics of what Christianity is about – a life of joy, deep spiritual experience, truth seeking and connecting with others.

Detour 239 began as a humble group meeting at Breckenridge Chapel Free Methodist, and seeks – by God’s power – to be a model for churches in the future.

Detour 239 is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church, which emphasizes our call to draw closer to God, allowing God to transform all areas of our lives, giving us true freedom in Christ.

Take The Detour with Us as we go on this journey together and see what God can do through all of us.

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